After the frustrations of not being allowed on site for over 3 months it has been good to get

back in to things. We have all settled in to the new ways of working with a daily cleaning

regime, rostering of staff to manage numbers and a new method of work to observe.

D2767 – Still out of service awaiting repairs to the dynamo and water pump drive.

D3558 – The engine rebuild was finally completed in July after we obtained the missing part

of the cylinder head valve operating gear. This allowed us to give the engine sump a final

heavy clean and then fill and test the lubricating oil and cooling water systems. Once it had

been confirmed all the bearings were receiving a supply of oil the tappets were set, the fuel

system bled to get the air out and the engine was started. This all went well and the engine

runs very cleanly and shows the benefit of overhauled fuel pumps, fuel injectors and cylinder

heads. The air tanks were re-certified by the Society insurers and a maintenance exam

including greasing was undertaken on the underframe.

Rather than release it back into service in the worn green livery it was decided to carry out a

repaint and freshen up the green livery. This work is progressing well and should be finished

in mid-October.

20020 – Remains out of service awaiting a power unit lift to repair the engine balancer shaft

bearings. The loco is being kept operational on very restricted yard use to prevent any

further deterioration during storage. Repairs are not scheduled to take place until 2022.

25235 – Work has continued albeit at a slow pace with the refitting of the overhauled

turbocharger. Progress has also been made offsite thanks to the money raised by the appeal

with 4 radiator elements fully overhauled and returned to Bo’ness. These are not cheap to do

and we still have 15 failed ones requiring overhaul so all donations are welcome! A set of

buffers has also been sent for overhaul and plans are being made to continue with

refurbishment of the bogie brakegear. Any donations to help cover these costs would be

more than welcome and can be made at www.virginmoneygiving.com/fund/25235finalpush

26024 – No recent progress. Once a replacement turbocharger has been overhauled we will

be able to try and get the engine running again.

26038 – Overhaul of the generator has been completed at Sulzer in Larbert and it returned

to Bo’ness on 25 th September. It was lowered straight back in to the loco and is now awaiting

bolting down and alignment followed by refitting of the various components that sit on top of

it. There has been no progress with the engine repairs due to waiting material. The cylinder

liners were removed for new seals to be fitted, during inspection three were found to be

beyond reuse. We are trying to source six replacements from a supplier who has previously

obtained these for a main line operator but the manufacturer located in Spain is unable to

commit to a date at present as several key members of staff are presently unable to attend

work due to Covid-19.

27001 – The generator has also been completed at Sulzer in Larbert and was also refitted in

to the loco on 25 th September. We reckon both generators have not seen any major attention

for around 35 years and despite this the amount of work required has been fairly routine.

While the generator was out a lot of repairs have been carried out to the engine room floor.

Much of this was severely corroded and has been replaced with stainless steel plate. A large

amount of control and power cables are housed in a trunking on top of the floor which had

also rotted away, this has been replaced with a fibreglass fabrication. A great deal of

cleaning and painting has also been carried out in the engine room. On the outside a set of

overhauled buffers has been fitted along with repairs to a badly bent snowplough mounting


27005 – On display in the shelter awaiting shed space.

37025 - Still on hire to Colas and presently working all over the UK on Infrastructure

Monitoring trains.

37261 – Work has continued on the engine rebuild. The camshafts were inspected and both

required removal due to corrosion on various cams. The cams that operate the inlet and

exhaust valves are shrunk on to the shafts and can only be removed with the entire

camshaft out. (The camshaft splits in to three sections to aid removal). Fuel pump cams are

split and are straightforward to change. With both shafts out we were able to swap fuel cams

and utilise spare sections to make up two complete good shafts. So far A bank side has

been refitted along with all the followers. In addition to this three cylinder liners have been

cleaned up, inspected and refitted along with some of the pipework on the free end. The

intercoolers have also been refitted. It was decided to put the engine back in to the loco to

allow us to confirm the alignment was ok and this was carried out on 24 th September. The

alignment was found to be all good and we now intend to carry on with the reassembly as

parts are made ready. So far all the pistons have been cleaned up along with four

connecting rod assemblies.

Inside the loco the engine room floor was painted black prior to the engine refit and since

then the radiator fan compartment has been getting painted. Overhaul of the control cubicle

is also progressing with the various components gradually being refurbished.

37403 – A start has been made on overhaul of the replacement engine with the stripping of

one of the spare units we purchased three years ago. This had been stored outside on a

Turbot wagon and rainwater had got into most of the cylinders making dismantling difficult

and time consuming. The aim was to confirm the engine block and crankshaft were in good

condition as we plan to recover all the other components from the unit originally fitted to 403.

Following removal of all cylinder heads, pistons, connecting rods and cylinder liners the

engine block was split to access the crankshaft. One main bearing journal was found to have

some damage on it so it was decided to send the crankshaft for refurbishment. This has

gone to a specialist repairer along with another spare we recovered two years ago.

The damaged power unit was removed from the loco on 24 th September and the engine split

from the alternator. The alternator is now located on the Rectank wagon vacated by 37261’s

power unit while the engine (which is to be returned to DRS) is located on the Warflat

wagon. The engine sump has been lifted on to the Rectank wagon and is being cleaned and

painted ready for return of the crankshaft. A start has been made on cleaning and

preparation of the many components required with these refitted where possible.

37703 – Available for service, currently undergoing a C exam and has received a

replacement set of brake blocks.

47643 – Out of service awaiting a maintenance exam and recertification of the air receivers.

For more updates on the Diesel Group www.realrail.smugmug.com

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